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As the new year begins, many of us are resolving to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re dealing with current health problems, hoping to avoid future issues, or wanting to live in a way that honors and protects our environment and the welfare of future generations, this is a great time to make a change for the better!

One of the hardest things about change can be getting started.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing a series about new beginnings… starting the year off with a clean slate and getting a plan in place to reduce your exposure to GMOs and toxic pesticides. When you’re armed with a plan, it’s much easier to move forward and turn your goal into a reality.

Why Do a GMO Overhaul?

As lawsuits continue to pour into courts around the world, it’s becoming more and more clear that (despite Monsanto’s claims) glyphosate is not a “safe” weed control solution. In the meantime, the use of genetically modified corn, soy, sugar beets, and cotton continues to mushroom out of control… and agriculture in the United States has shifted alarmingly to accommodate the widespread use of GMOs. Many of the most widely used genetically modified seeds were created to survive hefty doses of glyphosate-laden Roundup, increasing our exposure to the chemical.

Glyphosate acts as a mineral chelator and an antibiotic, wreaking the delicate balance of soil minerals and microbes that plants depend on to grow. Furthermore, the depletion of minerals means that the crops we eat no longer provide us with vital trace elements that our bodies need to maintain healthy function. Soil microbes that our bodies need to keep a healthy balance in our gut microbiome are missing, causing a slew of diseases, deficiencies, and system-wide problems.

GMOs also don’t contain the same nutrients that naturally grown foods do. The lack of nutrients coupled with exposure to glyphosate has created a health crisis in America… where people suffer from being overweight yet undernourished, and where an alarming boom in autoimmune diseases has caused millions to suffer from diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.

In the meantime, the environment is suffering. Glyphosate is found in everything from rainwater to breastmilk. Animals are being genetically modified to be “products” with no concern for the health and wellbeing of the animals themselves or the people who consume milk, meat, and eggs. The delicate balance of nature has been interrupted and pollinating insects are dying off in alarming numbers.

And that’s only the very tip of the iceberg. From the decimation of sustainable agriculture practices to the growing number of studies that link GMOs to cancer, kidney disease, and food sensitivities to the endless lawsuits over GMO seeds that travel into organic farms and contaminate crops (often resulting in lawsuits over “unauthorized use” of patented GMO seeds, despite a farmer’s efforts to prevent contamination), GMOs affect far more than can be addressed in a single article. 

Something has to change… for our own health and for the safety of future generations.

You’ve Convinced Me…So How Do I Start?

In the coming weeks, we’ll share several articles that address how to start fresh this year and eliminate GMOs and pesticides from your life. It’s not easy, and being 100% GMO-free is extremely difficult today. But, you can reduce the burden of GMOs and toxins in your life considerably, and every little bit counts!

First, we’ll be looking at how to detox from the toxins that have been building up over the years. There are many schools of thought on this and many different plans and protocols, so we’ll share some of the best resources we’ve found on the topic to help you get started.

Then, we’ll look at eating habits, meals, and hidden sources of GMOs, additives, and pesticides in your diet. We’ll help you create a plan for a month of healthy eating, as a “reset button” for your diet. You’ll be amazed at the difference 30 days can make!

Next, we’ll attack the toxins in your environment… both inside your home and out. You’ll learn ways to reduce your exposure to glyphosate, safe ways to clean your home, and hidden sources of toxins.

Finally, you’ll get a safe shopping guide to help you source healthy foods, household goods, lawn care, personal care items, and products for your furry family members. 

The next article in this series will be published on January 9th, so check back then… and, in the meantime, if you have advice you’d like to share with us about what you’ve done to eliminate GMOs and toxins in your life, would you share them with us? We’d love to share your input in the articles and on social media… because we’re all in this together! Send us an email at


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