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When you impact the global food supply, you impact every human being on Earth.  GMOs may pose a serious and unprecedented threat to humanity, the long-term effects of which we have yet to understand.


Premise 1: There is no debate that GMOs and the chemicals sprayed on them result in some level irreversible impact and adverse health effects.

Premise 2:  High-level, well credentialed experts disagree on the safety and efficacy of genetically modified products and the chemicals sprayed on them.

Conclusion:  Therefore, the use of GMOs should be severely scrutinized and all products containing GMOs should be labeled as such.

Statement of Purpose

There is an urgent cultural problem where billions of dollars of corporate interest have collided with public policy resulting in a malicious conflict of interest causing an unprecedented threat to farming practices and global food supply.  The uninhibited truth must be shared worldwide.  GMOs Revealed exists as a courageous beacon of light to dig deep into the GMO controversy, ask the hard questions, seek expert answers, and share it freely throughout the world.  Through disciplined thinking and positive activism, we will create unprecedented consumer awareness around matters that significantly concern the health of individuals and families everywhere.


Uninhibited Truth

Personal Liberty   

Consumer Awareness

Disciplined Thinking

Free Speech  

Global Thinking





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